Our Vision

"To create a sustainable Gym solution"

Our aim

We aim to provide innovative, effective, and safe exercise equipment to our customers and clients

About Shoaib Sports

We have been in business locally and trading across the worldwide as well since the year 2001, selling fitness machinery, sports equipment, nutritional products, and other fitness equipment that will stand up to the rigors of viable applications. Shoaib Sports is a manufacturer and importer of export quality fitness apparatus offering top-notch gym equipment and machines that are registered with Lahore Chamber of Commerce, sales tax, and NTN. We are providing our services to the Government, semi-government sectors, private sectors, The Police service of Pakistan (PSP), and Pakistan Air Force (PAF). Besides, our products are also delivered in recognized sports academies, fitness gyms, Rehabilitation gyms, physical therapy centers, hospitals, hotels, universities, colleges, and schools. Our solutions are simple, with no additional steps. Our expert team comprehends the needs of consumers and provides a consistent and dependable quality of service.

Creating Long-Term Solutions


We feel a responsibility to demonstrate how we are being available for our customers, clients, our people, and our communities. For our clients, we’re doing that by asking better questions, innovating advanced equipment’s and modifying our manufacturing to the new realities they face.

Our Qualified and Skilled Team Outline

Properly investing and buying products from us would be a beneficial component of maximizing working efficiency and minimizing risk for your fitness centers. We develop diverse strategies for client services and make effective and timely decisions by discovering and realizing mechanical faults in exercise equipment.

Our Qualified and Skilled Team

Our interdisciplinary and skilled team consist of Engineers, Technicians, Trainers and other working staff that has worked in a variety of fitness and manufacturing environments and is accredited by a number of Pakistani organizations.


The majority of our customers construct a health club or gym only once every few years. Shoaib sports specialists deal with manufacturing, importing, and exporting every day, therefore they're quite good at it. They recognize that, while you are our client, the items and products we produce must be suitable for your target market.

Ensuring Customer Services And Quality Control

We assist our customers by not overlooking issues such as ensuring that the treadmill's or stationary cycle's electrical needs are met before it is delivered. We also don't leave customers hanging after the transaction, trying to find someone to remedy the inevitable mechanical equipment faults. Our servicing department aims to supply our customers with cutting-edge, effective, and safe exercise equipment. Let our team assist you in making the best decision possible, and make your fitness facility the most profitable component of your company.

Specifications of what is needed
Design of the product or services to meet the specifications
Production or Installation to meet the full intent of the specifications
Inspection to determine the conformances to specifications
Review of Usage to provide the information and the revision of specifications is needed

Enhance Your Physique and Boost Up Your Life By Joining Our Gyms

Our Gym Chain that supports corporate fitness, education and recreation, and health and wellness:
Body Zone (Block-K, Commercial Model Town, Lahore)
Shoaib Gym (Liberty Hotel, Liberty Market Lahore)
Shoaib Gym (Block-D Commercial Valansia Town, Lahore)
Shoaib Gym (Barkat Market, Garden Town, Lahore)
Shoaib Gym (College Road, Gourmet Bamer, Lahore)
Shoaib Gym (Umer Market, Gulshan Ravi, Lahore)
Shoaib Gym (Phase 3, DHA, Block-Y, Lahore)
Shoaib Gym (Kashmir 244 Block, Ilama Iqbal Town, Lahore)
Shoaib Gym (Aziz Road, Chah Miran, Lahore)
Shoaib Gym (Moon Market, Faisal Town, Lahore)
Shoaib Gym (Main Bulward, Wapda Town) (Opening Soon)