Shoaib Zahoor

Shoaib Zahoor a professional bodybuilder of Pakistan with a height of 5'7" and weighs 175 lbs. He is a resident of Lahore, Punjab. Shoaib Zahoor is qualified in sports medicine, athletic training, bodybuilding, and a fitness nutrition. Shoaib Zahoor created history on March 31’ 2001, when he became the youngest Mr. Pakistan at the age of 21.

History and Background

Shoaib was not inclined towards bodybuilding and was focused on his studies only. However, after matriculation, he found difficulty to get into a good college. During this period, out of nowhere, he tried bodybuilding and after hard work for a few months, he become passionate about body shaping. Along with his studies, his obsession with bodybuilding increased and gave him several unexpected opportunities to get into the field of bodybuilding. Certainly, in the year 2000, he was declared as Mr. Punjab University and won the national championship for three consecutive years (2000-2002). He progressed within a country day by day and his passion turned him into a worldwide famous personality and a bodybuilder. The numerous well-known triumphs that gave him fame around the world.


Mr. Punjab University (2000)

Mr. Pakistan - Olympia National Champion Gold Medalist, Youngest Ever (2001)

Mr. Super Lahore Division (2001)

President Punjab Body Building (2001)

Mr. Punjab Gold Medalist (2001)

Muscle Mania Britain Winner, London (2006)

Mr. Universe silver medal Miami USA (2006)

NPC Bodybuilding Championship USA (2007)

Certified Trainer Michigan USA (2007)

Shoaib Zahoor’s International Journey

In 2006, Shoaib Zahoor traveled to Miami to take a part in the “Muscle Mania Universe Championships”. He was supported by his colleague and bodybuilder Ashfaq Butt but unfortunately, he failed to win a championship of his class due to jet lagging and increased water retention that was a consequence of the 17,000-mile flight from Pakistan to Miami, but still, he was able to take his place under top 5 of “Muscle Mania Universe Championships” that provided him fame. As a result, the international website “” was pleased to add Shoaib Zahoor to the roster of American top bodybuilders and fitness models at
In the year 2007, Shoaib Zahoor (Mr. Pakistan) has won the NPC USA, IFBB Bodybuilding championship in the middleweight category held in Michigan USA. He had become the first Pakistani who participated in the “National Physique Committee” (NPC) bodybuilding show where he wins the US championship and also a few other competitions. In addition to his trophies, he was also awarded the NPC card and qualified for the pro-card as well. Along with NPC cardholder, he has a million admirers and fan followers in the United States, which makes him proud of being a representative of Pakistan.

In one of his international interviews about his passion and bodybuilding, he stated that

“I am obsessed with my career and passion for bodybuilding as it provides me satisfaction. Nothing pleases me more than winning on nationwide and international stages as a Pakistani. Each competition that I challenged, increases my confidence and motivation. I feel proud that I am recognized as Mr. Pakistan and represented my country as a successful and a developing nation that holds talent not less than anyone.”

Shoaib Zahoor